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Love the concept

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Slow and steady definitely doesn't win the race, fast and steady does though.

Great game and cool concept.

I like it

What are patterns tho?


This was a lot of fun, I could beat it by basically just flying around in a large circle though.

what do the patterns  do? idk ;(


It was difficult but fun! It is interesting that the player has to maintain a certain speed because if you play slowly and carefully, the yellow bullets will fill the screen and you will get stuck, and you won't gain any distance at all. I managed to clear it once and it was a great accomplishment!

Wow, you are playing way-way different than I was. I did fast up-down motions with the mouse, granting huge distances within short time. It filled the entire screen with crosses of all colours, which forced me to draw a slow pattern waiting while all of the spawned crosses to clear, allowing me to proceed with the pattern. It is much more risky, but as each run is vastly shorter I think it pays up in the end


Love this game.

Here's my best score so far!


This is a pretty good educational game about the dangers of releasing drones that attack your own plane when you’re trying to cross the Atlantic ocean.




Amazing game. Though I just wanted to ask, how is the score at the upper right calculated ?


based on shot interactions! when two shots collide & do something special, you get points!


plz make endless mode :D

will do!




fuck pink bullet. all the homies hate pink bullet


Nice! It was a fun little experience :)


super awesome


Pretty great! :)


very fun!


Clean concept, clean execution. As hard or as cheesy as you want. Good shit.


this is more than geballer 2.... this is geballer 6792 (km)......




Beat it! Very cool little piece of fun <3