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Finished it first try


tetris reference




Won by doing almost nothing...

Haha Me To . . . 😂😂


really well done, ugly as sin, but very fun


i died at the start but i fell down and got to the end, like literally i got into the hole thing


i died and fell 3 quarts of the way and won, i like this


Cool take on Lunar Lander style.

Made a few attempts. Made it to the last obstacle, died.

¡But still won because my corpse fell on the slit! ¡Yeah! ¡Thanks for this game!

Also: nice visual feedback and sound style.

Made it first try! Also great idea! (even though it might be the most common one)


Cool idea. Maybe I'm just bad but I can't control it at all, I just bang around and quickly die. Love the sound effects though!