music and sfx by Mothense


made in ~4 hours for the gmtk 2021

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(74 total ratings)
AuthorsStuffed Wombat, Mothense
Made withConstruct
TagsGame Maker's Toolkit Jam


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Hahah 4 hours?? Awesome work!


So damn good. Brilliant idea and had me grinning after finishing each level!


This is definitely a super neat puzzle game, respect!


This is a really solid game!


That was a nice game. I felt like I had to keep playing.  It was addictive in a good way.

Very interesting mechanic! Was fun to play!

amazing mechanic

This was absolutely amazing, refreshing and intuitive. Perfect Game Jam game


4 hours!? Amazing. This is a neat little puzzle game. I love the gong hit and screen shake when you make it, lmao. And the cute intro where you press the buttons!

good job so good

this is such a cool little puzzle game/ beautifully presented and really well designed.

really cool wow

Nice game

Fantastic idea, there is a lot of potential with this puzzle element!

AMAZING concept, it's such a fun little puzzle game, I think this might win the game jam, and it's INSANE that you made this is 4 hours! 5/5

This was a great concept! I was hooked and wanting more levels.

Love the idea. good work !

Best one I've played so far. Love the juice and sound effects!

nice work! that a clever mechanic!

So much fun! I love the concept! The music is great!

Awesome game!

Cool game! 4 hours impressive!~

Really fun and impressive for a 4 hour game. I wish I could be as quick as ye!


Great work! This game feels really fresh, and the final level had me smiling and laughing involuntarily as I kept getting surprise attacks from distant blocks taht I though I was don with.

One comment in terms of design - I think it would make sense to have some sort of UI indication to how many boxes should be connected to the player to pass. Trial and error would definitely solve it, but I think some indication would prevent some confusion or needless frustration for at least some players.

Hope to see this fleshed out into a full game someday =)

All round, wonderful game! Very enjoyable and nice music and sound also matches them nicely


Your creativity always impresses me!


Stealth Puzzle game...?!


Cool game its EPIC compared that its made in four hours


Awesome game. The concept is great and it is really well made.. especially for 4 hours


this is very neat


Damnnnnnnn 4 hours for this




me cant play dis cuz me stupid and me has smol brain monke sad


Nice game dude :)


Amazing game, and only 4 hours?! Top 100 for sure.


wow! nice job


very cool.


Took me a while to realise the end screen wasn't an actual level

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