immersive randomness - NOW

Developed as part of the Briefs series, a gold extra project with additional support by Strange Scaffold.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(24 total ratings)
AuthorStuffed Wombat
GenrePlatformer, Puzzle, Simulation
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, cool-sunglasses, desu-ex, Immersive, Singleplayer


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it was quite hard to learn the controls, but that was part of the fun, kept me on my toes with the limited use of items. :D


That was so so fun! I play a lotta spelunky, so I got the hang of the controls pretty quick, but it was really fun to experiment with each item and how I could use it. The quickness of getitng back into a level, how readable everything was and the sound design really kept it all super fast and fun as well. My one "complaint" is that Impulse made a lotta the levels real simple by just attracting the coins to me with a throw or two, but I feel like all the others have that same quick use as well, so maybe I'm underthinking them all.

very happy you liked it!

Yeah the impulse thing is kinda strange, especially bc the coins float so boringly slow!
will consider this for next version :))


I really liked it but the controls feel a little too simple? I wish I had a way to aim the tools rather than just tossing htem. If there is I didnt figure it out, and someone better let me know so I can replay it and enjoy it more lol

thats the idea for the sequel :))


hell yeah! :D looking forward to that!


This game was really unexpected and great. I managed to softlock myself here:Controls were a bit difficult to learn, but they made sense once I got used to them.Otherwise, though, the mechanics were really fun to play around with and I replayed the game twice. My favorite object was probably BADABUM.

aw thanks <3

BADABUM is one of my favourites as well ^^


amazing, this is like some aphex twin shit of games


Too difficult for me, maybe a tutorial would help.

I like the style of this game and the reduced sounds. good atmosphere overall.


this was a fun time I love the physics even if a bit clunky. I liked the random items and the levels having this fun simple goal and how to get to said goal. Great Work!








this game fuckin rocks


I love this game too much, so weird and delicate