A downloadable qomp

Starting today, qomp is only available on Steam!

I am sorry for any confusion this causes!
This should not affect anyone who has already bought and downloaded the game, but feel free to contact me directly if you bought the game without downloading it and now have trouble accessing the steam key that was included in the purchase!


qomp is a small game about freedom.

  • 1 - 3 hours of gameplay
  • many mechanics
  • bossfights
  • not super hard

  • no secrets
  • beating the game unlocks challenges
  • beating the challenges unlocks nothing

  • invincibility
  • zoom-out
  • aim-assist
  • autofire

Made by Britt Brady, Clovelt, Stuffed Wombat & Miroko

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(31 total ratings)
AuthorStuffed Wombat


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Why would you make it Steam exclusive? It's bad enough when things are exclusive from the start - even worse when you pull it from sale.


it's very disapointing to hear that this game is no longer available on itch. what was the reasoning behind taking it down?


It's related to some generally good news, but sadly thats all i can say about it rn!


Hi there, game is great! The "controllable-with-1-key" pitch with clear physics and increasing difficulty really caught us all (3 persons, teenager to adult).

An annoying bug though, which was already reported by @Infern: the Linux version freezes when too much collisions happen, which can make it nearly unplayable.

Ironically, the Windows version plays smooth under Linux with Wine 6, so I end up using  this one. Maybe put a caveat for Linux users?


Just finished it there. Great game! Really enjoyed it.

Hey! a very interesting game, various mechanics are used very coolly, combined with general minimalism. What engine is it made on, if not a secret?

this was made with construct 3 :)

the name qomp sounds whitesounding


what does that mean?

means very good


Great game.

BUG: On linux, the games freezes very often, making it barely playable. Tested on 2 PC, with 3 distros. Moreover, menus visuals are a bit broken, changing the language does nothing at first, then restarting the game makes the language code change but nothing else. From enUs to ruRu for example.

Old comment, but I second this. I found out that on Linux, the Windows version (emulated with Wine 6) plays better than the native Linux one.


My review: I finished the game in about an hour, it's fun but short, can't help but feel like there were more levels but were cut for some reason, because the mechanics are not explored to their full extent.

Score: 7.75/10


Bug 2: after I died there is no more collision on the objects I circled I can freely go through them same thing for all objects of the same type in the level

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Bug:the  game froze the music is still on but I have no way of continuing I probably have to exit the game my progress is probably gonna be lost lol


thanks for the bug reports!!

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qomp released on my birthday(I was released on qomp day?) and I spent the evening playing through it in one sitting(almost 3 hours).  

Genuinely, a fantastic experience. Everything about this game feels ~elegant~ and thoughtfully designed. It iterates on it's own ideas beautifully. 

happy Birthday and thanks a lot!


looks cool but im broke T^T

send me a dm on twitter pls :)




This is gonna end up as my 2021 GOTY

Such wonderfully executed game design, the visuals and audio are such a treat too!


<3 <3 <3


A great game. I loved it!


we will be sharing this on our site  and work on getting a video onBloxHypeINC

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I haven't finished the game yet, but I want to say that this game is really, really good. It feels handcrafted in a way that most games don't, and it is a joy to interact with the game and the world.

Update: I finished it, and it is definitely excellent. 


thank you so much :))

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at 1st, I thought this is for mobile,
because the control tell me that.

it isnt.


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Love it!!!

Recorded a full playthrough of the game here: 


wow, thanks!

was that your first time playing? Bc wew, you are pretty fast ^^

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Congrats man! Can’t wait to play it


Any hope for a macOS build?


sadly not really :(

Apple makes it extremely hard to publish on their OS and we can not jump through all of their weird requirements.

at some point qomp will come to mobile and consoles though, if thats any consolation!


these are truly sad time :(
(I bought it anyway)


Damn, Apple sucks — in this one specific way, at least! However, the thought of a console release is an exciting one (especially if that includes Switch!...) In the meantime, I will flirt with the idea of installing Linux on a Mac Mini. For qomp.


aww thanks!

console release would have to include switch, yeah :))
but its not gonna happen super duper soon, sadly :/

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THE BEST! This is definitely a masterpiece. It's honestly the most impressive piece of minimalist design I've played in a long time. It's crazy how much this game does with just a ball bouncing against walls. You need to play it to believe it, tbh.