This is a Minit Fangame!
In Minit you die every Minute, in this game, you die every Second!

Buy Minit here, it is a really good game:

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Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(31 total ratings)
AuthorStuffed Wombat
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thx foone


can't believe they finally accepted my paid ad! thanks for showing me <3


This is so frustrating 10/10

I wanted to play Minit, but i don't have digital money  ; _ ;


I played this months ago after beating Minit because I couldn't get enough of it haha.

I'm glad I found this tiny game again.



This was so much fun, and the ending was super cute as well <3


Speedrunning this game has a nice beat to it. Damn fun XD


this game made me laugh constantly throughout it. i just finished minit yesterday, and was very excited to play this. absolutely brilliant

this is like real hecka damn cool but like 1 secnd is like way beyond my patience xD


trop cool :)

You should link to Minit on itch instead of Steam!

I would, but since some other people i know and myself can not purchase anything on itch for lack of a credit card i linked to steam!

More difficult than Minit, and is a Promotional Fangame.




Shoot, I thought this was a (while funny) dumb joke, but this is a game you can actually beat! cool


========== GERMAN ==========
(english below)

Ein Fan-Spiel zu "Minit" mit dem Konzept auf die Spitze getrieben. 1 Sekunde und tot.

- "Minit" auf extrem
- Speedrun-Gefühl sehr gut
- Spieler muss extrem akkurat steuern

- leider viel zu kurz

========== ENGLISH ==========

A "Minit"-Fan-Game with the concept cranked up to 11. One Second and.. dead.

- "Minit" on steroids
- very good speedrun-feeling
- player has to move very accuratly

- way to short (wanna see way more! Dev, please do more puzzles!!)


1/60 as good at minit
(Which is really good) 

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10 out of 10




this game is really fun and has very different gameplay than minit