made in a few hours for gmtk by Stuffed Wombat

theme: only one

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorStuffed Wombat
Made withConstruct
TagsGame Maker's Toolkit Jam


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After understanding the mechanics of the game it became so much fun. (also the end...) Nice work!


nice game


engine?(greaaaat game)


construct 2 :)


How do you do the last level?

you jump to the left top and then DONT jump ;)


this was great

Super Tough and very hard to control but I guess its doable provided you have adequate  time to spend on this game to improve. The controls is very "Stiff" and could at least be a bit more intuitive as its quite different from a normal game control mechanics, for example you could at least give the option of controlling where to shoot using the position of the mouse in the screen like most normal games and increasing difficulty by making the levels more complex.



It's way too difficult and I only have one chance per level.


Really great, respect perfectly the theme, kinda hard to understand at first without any tutorial, but i think its actually better this way, and even the epilogue is a part i appreciated a lot, very nice.



nevermind... I got it

This kind of "pull-your-hair-out" hard is really unfun with the level selection system in this game. That one mistake really puts a damper on an otherwise fantastic game.


that was my intention.
i made only one mistake!


beautiful fitting game


Incredible Job!


Man this is TOUGH! But I love it. Perfect amount of juice and the one button mechanic fits the theme so well. Great job!! 


This is dopeeee, love the elegance of the text free design. 


SO good. Love the juice, love the concept, love it all.


Great gamefeel!

The mechanic is too difficult to learn though, maybe a couple of easier levels at the beginning would help to get used to it.


very fun !


This is a lot of fun. I really like the polish on it. I don't understand how the level selection necessarily fits in the theme, but I really like it.