made this for myself but maybe you enjoy it too

AuthorStuffed Wombat
Made withConstruct


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this is incredible - solid outside the box thinking <3


ya pretty  fun~but short lol


This was pretty fun. Short, but I still enjoyed it a bit. Really cool!

Yeah, that was adorable. I just loved dancing with the wormb after the obstacles ceased; a silent, but intimate dance. Two wormbs up to this one, Stuffed Wombat!

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i did the glitch everyone's talking about

Once the blocks disappear, walk left so you're just barely off-screen, come back on-screen so you can see the wormb's face, then walk back off-screen. You should fall through the floor. At that point, walk left, and there ya so, this thing happens.

At least, that's how I did it.

Yeah I did it too


Plop Twist:
This is how I became gay

there is a glitch on the end screen where the face of the worm shows. but really, this is great!
I love it! post it on steam!

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Stuffed Wombat, I noticed a glitch where if you stop after there are no more obstacles, but walk slowly towards wormb and disappear before wormb disappears, you can keep running afterwards but you will be invisible, and if you go backwards after that the end screen will show with wormb's eyes and mouth suspended next to it. Great wormb tho :)


This. Yes. This.



very short but immensely satisfying! Did anyone run forever? I end up running towards the worm at the end and the game finished? 2nd game in this video.


oh wormb?

yes wormb


very interesting. the open world brings you in and I never wanted to leave. The characters are so life like, and the rpg elements are incorporated incredibly well. I loved the twist ending. 10/10



i like wormb...




Very cute and fun but to short 


although it was short, it was fun! ^^


Do I win the game if I never let go of right?




After there are no more blocks to jump over, if you stop the wormb will stop. run at the wormb and you will win.


Omg thanks, I've been holding down right for 25 days 😫




Quick and sweet, loved the art style and the ending :))!


Love it, well done :) 


Way to end the game haha. I was like uuuuuh, there's no more obstacles. Then I started chasing the worm and I was like yaaaas.

This is really well done for a short experience. :)

very good

Very good!


Well that was amusing.


Lmao that was great


Love it🧡

I ran for a while after making it thru the obstacles lol

I laughed when I stopped running and everything went silent and the worm stopped chasing me 😆

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Ha ha, that's so funny :D

Is this to test Construct Engine ? 


You're so talented! These small games are so good and have a lot of character! This one is no exeption, very fun!

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oh, wormb?

(this was fun i liked the it :) ur games are very good)